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Akurra is a block pushing puzzle adventure. It is inspired by games like Chip's Challenge, the GBC Zelda games, and Sokoban. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have making it!

If you  liked my game, please consider donating and / or backing the project on Kickstarter, and joining our Discord!
- Jason

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my god


I love the GBA like aesthetics and sound. Music is great. Game is super friendly and fun to play.

I wish you the best in your KS!

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it!


Great game. Had a lot of fun with the demo and looking forward to backing the KS. 

*mild spoilers of the demo below*

Am curious though, was trying to 100% the demo and was really stuck on the last star. Pulled up a walkthrough on YT and there's a hint in what I imagine to be an older build of the game that's no longer visible because it's obscured by clouds.

Is there another hint I'm missing that makes this star reasonable to find? Or is it expected that the user solve the puzzle just with the remaining visible info? 

i was really excited to play but when i started the game i encountered a bug. It seems like w or the up arrow are stuck in the game. i checked my keyboard but that wasnt the problem. I could barely even put a name. I got the letter A to set the profile and that was it. After that the game launched and as expected my character ran to the top of the screen and got stuck. I restarted a few times but nothing seemed to work.

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Hi Fundiments sorry to hear about that! Do you have a gamepad plugged in or connected with bluetooth? The game takes inputs from multiple sources so it could be caused by another controller. Also, did anything change if you quit the game entirely and started again, or restarted your computer?

If you have discord, please join our server and we can help you figure out the issue more quickly: https://discordapp.com/invite/5fnWhA2


Had an absolutely fantastic time with this game. Expected to jump in and just give the demo a try for a few minutes, ended up 100%ing the demo over the course of 2 days and 2.5hours of playtime. Wrote a video review for the game here:


Absolutely remarkable quality and definitely worth checking out. I'll be keeping my eye on Akurra's progress, devs deserve a lot of credit!

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Wow thanks so much, especially for the review! We're really glad you enjoyed it!


I love it. The music is really nice, the user-friendliness is great, and the actual game is fun,

(I am cameramandude, you pm'd me on reddit)

Thank you!


Could not put this game down. Jason has done an exemplary job at infusing nostalgic artwork with many creative puzzles and rewarding gameplay. Craig, the man behind the music, also does spectacular work providing that islander atmosphere with his amazing tracks. The community has been really awesome and it's a joy being a part of it and watching the game grow.

I grew up on the Gameboy Zeldas, and this game fills the void that time has made. The puzzles are challenging, exploring is exciting, and the whole thing leaves me very satisfied. I'm a completionist, and this game makes getting that 100% feel very rewarding. Looking forward to being able to back this project on Kickstarter!


Fantastic game that reminds me of my time in the NES era in the 80s and 90s. It feels genuine, it makes you really thing about the solutions and it is beautifully presented in it's format. Good job!

Thanks so much, glad you enjoyed it!


I've seen this game grow from a few little puzzles with almost no animations, to this wonderful demo with rad animations and many difficult but fun puzzles! It's insane how far it has come, and I hope we can get it finished. Jason has consistently impressed me with his clever and original puzzle creation. 


Puzzle games are my shiz and this game totally satisfied! Music is awesome, really helps set the mood. I definitely wanted more when the demo was finished and I went back to play a couple more times thru to get 100% and try some speed runs. Totally worth a play! Can't wait for the full version!


Anyone coming here and seeing this, just know that the puzzles are crazy fun and the music is fantastic!

The ability to reset the puzzle easily for each screen really is a nice touch, and so is the "undo last move". You'll find yourself wishing you could keep going after finishing the demo (and you can, but there is eventually a limit, haha)